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Cultural shift at Bayer HealthCare


Sixty employees in the Alpe Adria region of Bayer HealthCare company faced significant market challenges and internal changes that slowed sales and rapidly diminished their level of engagement. The team lacked inspiration, losing momentum, and both the team and organization experienced a complete lack of trust. Individuals had vastly different expectations and were not aligned on how to respond to the new direction, roles, and new team members. Conflicts arose daily, and the team’s performance nearly came to a complete halt.

What we did

The Thriving Team program focused on conflict resolution, strengthening collaboration, and aligning employees toward achieving common goals:


Initially, we provided individual coaching sessions to the CEO to lay the foundation and aligned communication for the following team coaching sessions. It was crucial to communicate the impending cultural shift that the team would undergo, demonstrating the commitment and care to the employees’ well-being.


Everyone participating in the cultural transformation got their CliftonStrenghts results which enabled uncovering the inherent talents they make the highest contribution with. Using their talents helped them to provide feedback to one another in a way that nurtures respect, care and productivity.


Teams were participating in intensive team coaching sessions, during which we assisted team members in adjusting their interpersonal behavior to align with overarching strategic objectives. After the sessions, we supported them to sustain the momentum they had generated in-person through a series of following activities and tasks. These endeavors served to reinforce the positive atmosphere and team synergy while keeping the transformative energy alive.


The habits they created during coaching sessions were maintained by reminders of tasks or questions that significantly influenced the work process for the coming week and beyond.


From challenging initial team dynamic to highest results in history.

This led to


rise in constructive and supportive behaviors (as measured by OCI®).


increase in employee engagement (getting to the all-time high result)


increase in Net Promoter Score from 55 to 74

Embracing habits that foster teamwork, recognize every team member, and provide clarity on priorities will definitly translate to greater business results.

Elena AleksandrovaRegional cluster director Bayer HealthCare

"My team of 60 people was stuck after a sudden market situation disruption. Thriverse coaches worked with the team to get us firing on all cylinders, together. We managed to build a completely different conversations and ways of working with each other, in just three months. In spite of all odds, we made the year over the plan - and never burned out."

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