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Elevating NPS for 89% in one year with Thriving Oganization program


The company’s decision to expand into foreign markets faced quite some challenges. The team realized their product was stuck in a single geographic market, unable to break through. The departure of key employees aggravated the situation and impacted the company’s atmosphere. Overall employee engagement was notably low, affecting morale and productivity. These hurdles collectively hindered the company’s growth trajectory and competitive edge in the international space. Addressing these challenges required a comprehensive approach to revitalizing the team’s strategy, retaining top talents, and rekindling employee dedication to drive future success on both local and global fronts.

What we did

Thriverse led a substantial cultural shift with the Thriving Organization program, which covered:


Team leaders actively participated in a series of leadership coaching sessions designed to refine and embody their recently acquired strengths-based and engagement-focused leadership skills. This transformative shift in leadership approach revolved around prioritizing the talents of team members and practicing every day meaningful conversations. The whole process was complemented by a deeper understanding of individuals’ unique attributes and characteristics, all within the framework of a people first organization. With the understanding that improved individual well-being directly correlates with enhanced results, these collective efforts yielded great outcomes.


A serie of coaching sessions throughout the whole organization resulted enhanced alignment, increased focus, swifter operations, and improved conflict resolution. These sessions were instrumental in nurturing a culture of recognition, teamwork, and productivity. Our guidance also steered teams in implementation of new routines that created a sense of belonging, brought clarity, and smooth collaboration, both internally and externally. This collaborative effort ignited the development of personal  and team habits, aligning with the organization’s commitment to prioritize individuals and their strengths.


Recognition of individual talents fuels success, personal satisfaction and highest contribution of each team member.


We supported the change initiative by assisting HR and top management in formulating open and transparent communication strategies to the employees. This ensured high alignment, buy-in, and the collaboration of the culture shift.


Expansion into 3 new markets, positioned as a high competitor.

This led to


in employee engagement (Top 10% in the world)


doubling the NPS from 34 to 64


increase in annual growth

Giving space to dialogues within teams consistently foster psychological safety, establish clarity on common goals, and direct individuals toward owning their talents.

Vladimir BalukčićCEO eAsistent

"Through the Thriverse program, we've created structures and conversations within teams that consistently build psychological safety, establish goal clarity, and focus individuals on utilizing their talents to achieve priority tasks. This has unleashed an incredible energy, followed by outstanding results. In the past year alone, we've increased customer satisfaction levels (NPS) by a remarkable 89%."

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