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Continuous leadership growth resulting in 10x turnover


The rapid scaling of the company led to an inflow of new employees. Fast growth required the reorganization and promotion of numerous people to leadership positions. However, leaders lacked management experience and knowledge, resulting in uncoordinated and inefficient approaches. With numerous operational tasks, effective leadership was hindered.

What we did

We designed a transformational Thriving Team program for the whole organization, followed by continuous leadership coaching:


The whole company participated in intensive team coaching sessions, based on talent discovery and exploration accompanied by structured conversations, which brought more clarity and understanding about each other perspectives, task delegation, and workflow.


Increased employee recruitment required consistent leadership skills and mindset growth. In creating a structured approach, each leader developed an effective leadership style and communication with their team. We provided a continuous series of monthly individual leadership coaching sessions for the entire leadership team (CEO, CMO, COO, Head of IT, Head of Marketing, etc.). Each coaching session addressed their ongoing challenges, driving growth and progress in their roles as leaders and entrepreneurs. The leadership team decided to keep the monthly and ad-hoc coaching sessions for the third year in a row, pursuing leadership growth and development in their fields.


Implementation of newly gained habits cultivated consistency, better collaboration, and the creation of a positive and trustworthy atmosphere amongst the team members. Those habits proved to be essential for the creation of thorough cultural change throughout the whole company which then translated into business results.


Recognizing individual talents over shortcomings illuminated unique strengths, optimizing work distribution, fostering recognition, and enhancing team cohesion. This perspective allowed individuals to own their talents for greater productivity, and a sense of contribution. Finding their own flow through their talents even showed in reduced stress.


We backed the change initiative by consistent support to HR and top management in shaping transparent communication strategies aimed at employees. This guaranteed strong alignment and effective execution of the cultural transformation.


Growing from a small to medium company in an organized and structured way.

This led to


from 15 to 60 employees


of a turnover (from 2M to 20M)


unified structure and leadership

Embracing habits that foster teamwork, recognize every team member, and provide clarity on priorities will definitly translate to greater business results.



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