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Scaling IT services business & 3x growth at PARSEK

By August 23, 2023August 29th, 2023No Comments

2x increase in employee engagement to 3x increase in profitability per person


Before 2019, Parsek had over a decade in IT services, growing at a steady 16% annually. However, when the owners shifted their sights to global e-health services, it attracted investment but exposed cultural, leadership, and teamwork flaws. This resulted in reduced customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and employee engagement. The environment became stressful, with teams working in silos and high tension. It was time for a change.

What we did

Supporting a massive cultural shift in the entire organization, Thriverse designed a program:


Starting the Thriving Team Program for leaders eliminated internal competition, fear, and insufficient collaboration. As these obstacles dissolved, the once seemingly unattainable vision transformed into an attainable objective for all teams. Coaching sessions resulted in robust, cooperative, and cohesive teams – achieving clear alignment with their goals and a comprehensive understanding of their overarching mission.


Practical activities enabled individuals and teams to nurture their developmental paths, cultivating fresh habits in leadership, communication, collaboration, and productivity. These practices have seamlessly woven into our work culture, empowering individuals to uphold successful behaviors and teams to consistently excel in performance.


Recognition of individual talents, teams optimized task distribution, embraced successful collaboration, and fortified unity. As every team embarked on their transformational journey, individuals unlocked their productivity potential by understanding their contribution to the team and company. This journey fostered regular alignment, open dialogue, defined roles, and mutual recognition, establishing a safe environment for sharing ideas.


Our support extended to the formulation of messages that resonated with employees and the broader community, fostering understanding and engagement with the evolving culture and its values. We provided clarity and guidance on communication to the HR and top management throughout the program execution.


Forming several strategic alliances with Microsoft, Cisco, Amazon, Philips and Orange

This led to


in return on investment (after 3 years)


increase in compound growth rate of profitability per person (16% to 48%)


increase in Quality of Service

Team dynamics improve when people are aligned in common goals and have freedom to achieve them using their talents.

Janez BensaCEO Parsek

“In Parsek, the Thriverse team managed to change our focus from internal challenges and conflicts into customer-focused, high performing, aligned and working teams. Something we before struggled over and which took away all the joy and meaning of work, was finally gone. Trust, communication, productivity, clarity, all boosted. We started with one team and quickly realized this program can shift dynamics in whole company, so everyone got involved. What we’ve achieved by putting people first, is amazing. Profitability per person soared, we started to compete on a different level, with global partners, expanding to new geographical markets. Unleashing people and team potential, was, is and will be our critical success element.”

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