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Supercharge your team

Ambitious goals this quarter? You won’t achieve different results by doing things as in the past.

This one day team-building program offers a quick shift in team dynamics, unifying individuals, and setting them on track towards ambitious goals.

With this program, you will have changed the mold. Everyone on your team will discover their natural talents and unique contributions through the CliftonStrengths methodology. And then apply them intentionally towards the goal so they can go faster, more agile, and more unified, towards the vision.

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Strengths + Clear & Unified Goal + Alignment & Agility = HIGH PERFORMANCE

Unlocking Hidden Potential with CliftonStrengths

Discover the unique set of strengths that each team member possesses and learn how to leverage these strengths to improve teamwork and productivity. With CliftonStrengths, team members learn to work together cohesively, even in high stress situations.

Discover & Apply Individual Strengths

Our assessment helps individuals identify their top talents and in the process everyone starts using them effectively.

Maximize Team Performance

Learn how to work together more effectively and leverage each team member’s unique strengths.

Develop a Growth Mindset

Encourage individuals to develop new skills and pursue their passions while supporting their team in reaching new heights.

Enhance Communication

Improve collaboration, build better relationships, and enhance overall team communication.

Creating a Clear Vision and Strategy

Our development program provides a framework for unifying your team around a shared vision and strategy. With our help, your team can learn how to clearly communicate your goals and objectives, and take the steps necessary to achieve them.

Create a Shared Vision

Learn how to create a clear, unified vision for your team that everyone can get behind.

Build a Strong Strategy

Develop a strong, actionable strategy that will help you achieve your team’s goals and objectives.

Communicate Effectively

Learn how to communicate your vision and strategy to your team in a way that inspires them to take action.

Boosting Speed and Agility

Agility is key in today’s fast-paced business environment. Learn how to foster a culture of speed and innovation to help your team stay ahead of the curve.

Revamp Workflows

Revamp ineffective workflows and replace them with streamlined processes that foster innovation and creativity.

Identify Areas for Improvement

Identify the areas where agility is most needed, and create a plan to address them.

Focus on Continuous Improvement

Develop a culture of continuous improvement and experimentation to help your team stay ahead of the competition.

When to Consider Our Development Program

Our development program is perfect for any team that needs a quick shift in dynamics, and wants to create greater clarity and unity around a shared vision and strategy. We recommend our program in the following situations:

Moving Towards an Ambitious Goal

If your team is working towards an ambitious goal and needs to unite behind a shared vision and strategy, our program can help.

Newly Formed Team

For newly formed teams, our program can help ensure that everyone is rowing in the same direction and is able to work together effectively.

New Strategy or Goal

If your organization has a new strategy or goal that you want to unify around, our program can help bring your team together.

Boost for a New Project

If you are starting a new project and need a boost to get things moving in the right direction, our program can help.

This program will ignite you towards your goal. 101% !

This is your team at the end of the day:

Clarity and Unity

Everyone on your team is crystal clear and united around your vision, strategy, the goals, and their 90-day “jobs to be done” plan.

Discover and Unleash Natural Talents

Everyone will not just discover their CliftonStrengths profile but start applying their “best version of themselves” to create maximum contribution towards achieving your team’s goals.

Recognize Unique Contributions

Everyone on the team is immersed into cognitive diversity of their colleagues and recognizes unique contributions of each person. Then, leverage those for the maximum team impact – instead of leaving it for the damage.

Increased Speed and Agility

The team experiences a sense of clarity, psychological safety, and trust, leading to greater speed and agility.

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