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Thriving Team & Thriving Results at Vzajemna Insurance


The Insurance Operations team is a vital customer service unit for Vzajemna Insurance.

As the first point of contact for issue resolution and handling customer complaints, legal issues, and insurance debt collection, they work with different specialists across the organization to resolve complex cases. This team also plays a key role in providing input for the organization’s post-sales activities and system tools innovation. A smooth workflow is crucial for a positive customer experience, repeated purchases, and customer loyalty.

However, the team faced challenges with communication and collaboration, leading to frustration, mistrust, and slow project roll-outs.

Their goal was to rebuild unity, trust, and team spirit and align expectations to drive passionate teamwork towards a common goal.

What we did

The award-winning Thriving Teams program included:


We established clear alignment around the company’s vision, strategic and performance goals, and the behaviors and dynamics necessary to achieve them.


The entire team underwent five coaching sessions, improving alignment, productivity, focus, speed, and conflict resolution. We also fostered a culture of recognition and continuous growth within and between teams.


Each team member received a personalized strengths profile and debrief session with a coach or their manager.


The leader received coaching to evolve their leadership mindset and repertoire with a focus on strengths and meaningful conversations. This resulted in greater ownership, engagement, meaning of work, project execution, and alignment with Vzajemna core values.


In just 4 months, the team’s mindset shift and adoption of Thriving Team behaviors improved communication, trust, engagement, and alignment, boosting efficiency.

Because trust & alignment & strengths focus = speed.

This led to


improvement in response times to customers


increase in Employe Engagement score (measured with Gallup Q12®)


new strategic projects initiated and several successfully finished

Thriverse Thriving Team Award

We’re proud to have awarded Insurance Operations Maribor Team with the Thriverse Thriving Team Award. This award recognized teams that have excercised impressive change in team dynamics over a four-month period, where everyone in the team (100%) know their Gallup CliftonStrengths, and where we measured 22% Gallup Q12 employee engagement score increase (taking this team to the 61th percentile). Congratulations!

Tomi ŠtefanacTeam Leader Insurance Operations Maribor

V 6 mesecih smo konkretno skrajšali naše odzivne čase, kar pomeni večje zadovoljstvo strank. Povezali smo se, začeli smo delovati kot enotna ekipa, talenti pa vsakemu posamezniku omogočajo biti najboljša verzija sebe. Vsak dan.

Marjana FrantarHR Director

We tried many other programs before and nothing really worked. Witnessing what this team achieved going through Thriving Team by Thriverse - my first reaction was pride and honor. They had to push their limits, they evolved their mindsets and behaviors. Focus on strengths and alignment, different communication, new rituals, all that led to significant upgrade in employee engagement and their core operational performance. Wow!

Barbara MarinSpecialist in Insurance operations

The Thriverse program led to big improvements in our team relationships. By finding and using our strengths, we discovered hidden potential. We now understand our teammates better and how they react to different situations. We recognize each other's contributions, and we help each other with personal frustrations through new conversations that are now part of our team. We also create new teams and work on projects using everyone's strengths, making success more likely. Success guaranteed.

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