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Impact Booster.

For Strengths coaches

Enhance Your Program Design and Drive Measurable Client Outcomes

Imagine if every program you delivered was not just inspiring,
but transformational, with measurable client impact.

Imagine delivering workshops that:

  • boost employee engagement by 35%
  • increase sales by 20%
  • increase NPS by 45 points
  • lift trust 6x
  • improve OKR achievement rate from 30% to 96%
  • reduce fear of conflict by a factor of 4,5x
  • improve getting prioritites done weekly from 16% to 83%

*just some of the tangible results from the programs we ran with our clients.


Learn how to get to that point with YOUR coaching business.

On 28th of May at 3pm London UK / 4pm CEST / 7AM PST you’re invited to join us for a no-charge webinar. In 1 hour, you will:
  • learn about one of the key mindshifts that unlock massive impact creation potential for coaches
  • hear about real-life success stories of the impact that is possible
  • get to know our team of expert trainers

Worst caseyou learn something that in itself has the potential to boost the impact you are creating and spend an hour in the company of great fellow coaches.

Best caseyou expand your horizon to what kind of impact is possible and start on a path that will transform your coaching practice forever!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Apply for the webinar.

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