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Meet the team

Our mission is to create a universe of thriving individuals and teams. We are the catalysts of positive change for the most ambitious.

In the vast galaxy of potential, we strive to empower talent and adopt habits that underpin high performance. Through deep inner work we reach the final destination – exceptional business success for teams and great quality of life in individuals.

Peter Baloh
Partner & Chief Success Architect

Peter Baloh has a PhD in Knowledge and innovation management and is an experienced consultant and coach who has worked with hundreds of global companies, seeing the struggles of managing change and executing growth strategies first-hand, before founding Thriverse in 2015. After two decades of hitting the wall in high-pressure organizations, he had a profoundly distinct experience in a thriving team and has dedicated his career to build exceptional people-first high-performing teams and organizations. He is a Gallup Certified Coach, Gallup Engagement Champion, PROSCI Change Manager, Project Management Professional, Organizational Culture Architect, Master Coach, a PADI Rescue Diver, eMTBer and a world-traveller. As Chief Success Architect, he designs and delivers journeys that confidently take organizations from today's to tomorrow's behaviors.

Thrives when daily supporting CEOs and CHRs going through the organizational culture change.

Celebrates when clients experience performance leaps that result from new, people-first behaviors.

Gallup Strengths Coach Certified in 2016.

Projects led: 100+

Individual and Team Coaching hours: 10,000+

Countries visited: 83

Lived in: Slovenia, Australia, UK, and US

Borut Jeglič
Partner & Chief Impact Creator

Borut Jeglič started his career by managing the largest national project for raising digital literacy in Slovenia, directly impacting over 5,000 people in its first year. It gave him first-hand experience of how to create an engaged team driven solely by a higher purpose and vision of a better tomorrow for a whole nation. He continued his journey in multiple companies, founding two high-tech start-ups, always trying to inspire with vision of a better tomorrow. He is a Gallup Certified Coach, Gallup Engagement Champion, SCRUM Master, Padi Advanced Open Water Diver, Mountain Biker and a Skipper. He believes that if we want to change the world for the better, we need more people who thrive in their life. Not only that, but he is dedicating his life to creating work environments that not only enable but encourage thriving.

Thrives when he works with people towards a future that inspires them.

Celebrates when … he gets reminded of an achievement. Honestly, my #Futuristic talent always looks forward towards something and doesn't really celebrate achieved successes.

Gallup Strengths Coach Certified in 2017

Projects led: 50+

Individual and Team Coaching hours: 6,000+

Times he climbed the highest mountain in Slovenia: 8

Lived in: Slovenia and Finland

Urša Svetelj
Senior Team and Executive Coach

Urša Svetelj is trainer, facilitator, and coach in the area of organizational culture with 10+ years of experience. She is certified Solution Focused Coach by Erickson International and certified Integrative constructivist team coach. She loves combining both training and facilitation when working with clients. She began her journey as a soft skills trainer, focusing on public speaking and feedback. Inspired by sharing knowledge, she focused on Train the Trainer – teaching others how to train. She also fell in love with agile – supporting teams to thrive. This is when she discovered that she could support teams best with a combination of training, facilitation, and coaching. She believes that organizational culture will change a lot in the future and is inspired by a 4-day work week. Better organizational culture will empower people with a better quality of life on a professional and personal level, and is deeply inspired by that.

Thrives when she’s busy and when she’s able to see the big picture.

Celebrates when she’s making an impact.

Countries travelled: 56

Books read per year: 50

Training and coaching hours: 2,000+

500+ yearly

Nina Piuzi
Senior Team and Executive coach

Nina lives and breathes HR and people. 10 years experience in leading change projects, setting up and implementing HR systems and processes, creating effective development programs, and, yes, team and leadership coaching.

Thrives when facilitating team coaching sessions and experiencing deep aha moments – those that almost literally shake the Earth.

Celebrates each time when a team or a leader sustains newly developed behaviors and forgets the old ones.

Team sessions led: 1000+

Maša Ribnikar Kajtner
Senior Team and Executive Coach

Maša is a trainer, mediator, and coach with more than 10 years of experience. Her coaching sessions have been attended by participants from all continents. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Asa board member of the ICF Slovenia Charter Chapter, she is actively involved in the development of coaching as a method that positively affects and helps businesses and individuals to thrive. In her past sport climbing career she learned that success is made up of thousands of steps. Each movement is done uniquely and responds to a different challenge at hand. She is aware that sometimes challenges can be difficult and raise more questions than answers. As a coach she helps individuals and teams find the missing piece of the puzzle and embed it into their systems, so they can remain the better version of themselves for good.

Thrives when there is a clear vision of a needed change.

Celebrates when she sees her clients overcome obstacles and win challenges.

ICF Certified (ACC 2017, PCC 2023)

National Champion Titles in Climbing won: 2

Individual & Team Coaching hours: 2000+

Tatjana Baloh Leban
Customer Success Manager

Tatjana does all things that accelerate and enable our delivery work, and builds our wellbeing when we are in the office. She drives operational delivery excellence and sends about 5000 nudges to the team yearly. Yep. She helps us stay on top of all the little details that make up clients' journeys.

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