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Completing Thriving Team Catalyst will:

  • Advance your leadership to maximize your team’s potential
  • Tell you exactly what goes on in your team’s mind and what you need to change
  • Boost profitability and improve your team’s performance
  • Increase accountability, build trust, self-initiative and well-being in your team
  • Get you visible results and not only lift team spirit

94.7% of leaders would recommend Thriving Team Catalyst to their colleagues.


Trying to catch more wins with your team but as a leader you often feel …

  • your team members are not accountable, proactive and do not take initiative
  • people don’t change even after you give them the feedback
  • your team could achieve more
  • you spend too much time supervising team members
  • you have to be included in everything, otherwise things don’t move forward.

Turn your leadership around today.

Trusted by 1000’s of leaders from small and large organizations

No empty promises.
Just proof:


50 %

increase in sales and 40% increase in engagement


35 %

increase in employee engagement



increase in employee engagement and 3x increase in profitability per person

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increase in employee engagement


Become a Top 5% Leader!

As a leader you have probably tried different ways to improve your team’s performance.
From leaders we hear all the time about the traditional ways that do not bring the wanted results.

Check out what the Top 5% Leaders do differently, take charge and outperform competition.

🙅 The old non-working ways

Team buildings

  • Create a momentary buzz, but don’t improve work efficiency.
  • Add to an already long task-list and many people see it as time-sinks.
  • Often disturb work-life balance as they happen outside workhours or even on weekends, leading to further decrease in employee satisfaction.

Trainings and seminars

  • Only expand knowledge but usually lack action plan and focus on adoption of new behaviors. You get back to your team and can’t implement what you’ve learned.
  • Can have a low motivational component as not every employee is eager to learn. Especially in topics they are not interested in.

360 Feedback

  • HBR research shows traditional 360’ results are plain wrong.
  • Takes too much of the time you already don't have.
  • Requires tons of energy but brings no long term results.

👍 The new proven & effective way

Effective leadership improvement using Thriving Team Catalyst

  • Quick win. Implement targeted change in how you lead based on what your team exactly needs.
  • Drawing from 50 years of research into the behaviors of world's top 5% leaders.
  • Follow small and time efficient steps you can easily incorporate into your busy schedule and move your team to the next level. In just 2 weeks.

Sounds a little abstract? Let us show you how it works.

For example:

Problem - You feel like you always need to be on top of everything and double check everything, otherwise nothing gets done.

Assessment results - After completing the assessment, it shows that people in your team don’t really understand what is expected of them and that they don’t see how their job is important in the context of your company goals.

Action plan - For you it would be to have a structured conversation with each member of your team. You will receive clear guidelines and templates on how to do it. This will help your team members gain clarity on what is expected of them and their role in the success of the company.

We work together - Don’t worry, we’ll help you prepare for these conversations in the 1:1 coaching session after the assessment. And you’ll also get a neat cheat sheet that will always be there when you need it.

Did you know?

Only 1 in 4 feel they do the work they are great at.

51% of people don’t know what exactly is expected of them.

Only 1 out of 4 feel their work is recognized and valued.

Only 1 in 4 are actively engaged.

Do YOU know how do YOUR people feel?

The power of

Thriving Team Catalyst

Thriving Team Catalyst is based on the state-of-the art analytics and award-winning effective state-of-team coaching journey.

Know the real problem.

Gallup’s® Q12® employee engagement assessment which has been used for decades by the best team leaders worldwide.

Q12® precisely measures the state of the team and detects where your leadership behaviors helps and how you are hindering the engagement of your team.

Q12® assessment is a scientifically proven instrument that measures “soft” factors and connects them to the business results. If you improve on this scale, you can be certain that profitability, engagement, productivity, and turnover, will change.

It works across cultures and industries. It was standardized based on extensive worldwide research including over 2.7 million employees and 100,000 business units across 96 countries and 54 industries.

Apply the right solution.

After the measurements, we will create your personalized insights report and action plan. Your action plan is easy-to implement and proven to work. It is based on the 50+ years of research into Top 5% leaders’ behaviors, matched with your team context and challenges.

You will talk-through your action plan with a certified professional leadership coach. We will help you navigate the details and finetune the process of your change, so you can efficiently and immediately see concrete results.

How does Thriving Team Catalyst work?


Step 1

Easily enroll into the Thriving Team Catalyst

Let us get to know you and share some basic information about your company and your team in a brief questionnaire.

You will receive a welcome toolkit containing the link to the team questionnaire and instructions that will help you communicate it with your team.


Step 2

Collect your answers

Distribute a 5-minute questionnaire with an anonymous link to each of your team members (max 10 team members).

The questionnaire consists of 12 closed-ended questions and 3 qualitative questions to gain better insight and understanding of your team’s state.

Step 3

Time for assessment

We will evaluate answers and benchmark them with Gallup’s global database.

You will receive a comprehensive 20-page report with results and personalized action plan based on your team’s needs.


Step 4

Finetune your action plan with a professional coach

Schedule a 1:1 one-hour online video call with experienced Thriverse leadership coach.

Together you will go through your team’s results and craft a personalized action plan aligned to your context.

Step 5

Small tasks, big impact

Follow your action plan and effortlessly incorporate altered behaviors into your routine.


Step 6

Hold a Team Conversation

Have a discussion with your team about the results. They expect it and guess what – it will contribute significantly to the state of the team. You will get prepped for this conversation through a special section in your report and in part of your call with the coach.

Get actionable feedback in 2 weeks, see first results in 3 weeks

First Week

  • You fill out basic information about your team (3 minutes)
  • Receive welcome toolkit
  • Distribute questionnaire (3 minutes – forward a pre-prepared email)
  • You and your team fill out the questionnaire (5 minutes per team member)

Second Week

  • We evaluate your team’s results and prepare a thorough 20-page report.
  • You receive your personalized report with insights and action plan (15 minutes read and preparation time before the call).
  • You have a 1:1 coaching call with a professional coach (60 minutes).
  • You are now set with a bulletproof action plan to boost your leadership and improve thriving in your team.

Third Week

  • Implement the newly acquired leadership behaviors.
  • You have a state of team conversation (60 minutes).
  • Watch your team thrive.

Meet the experts you will work with

Our team is here for you every step of the way.

All the great benefits of Thriving Team Catalyst


Understanding what goes on in your team’s mind

Gain precise understanding of what works and what doesn’t work in your leadership. Understand what your team members feel need more of. Identify exactly how your leadership and your team compares to the best leaders and teams worldwide. All with a science-backed, proven methodology, that Top 5% leaders use, and that you can trust.


Flexible to your schedule

This program is completely tailored to your schedule. You invite the team to fill out the state of team when you know they are not over-the top in work. Receive your results and go through them on your own first. Schedule a 1:1 coaching session according to your schedule. Implement your leadership upgrade based on your weekly workflow.


Personalized for you by professionals

The results are individually evaluated by our experienced coaches. Get a personalized, actionable plan you can implement right away.


Time-saving process

Instead of investing hours into seminars, team buildings and trainings, save your valuable time and follow an actionable plan that consists of small tasks easily incorporated into your workflow.


Increase team productivity

Increase productivity and team engagement up to 20% by improving accountability, responsibility, and self-initiative in your team.


Increase overall performance and profits

Changing small habits in your leadership approach will help you feel more confident and grow as a leader. Moreover, it will significantly change the output of your whole team, which can improve overall performance and raise your profits up to 30%.

Why do leaders trust the Thriving Team Catalyst?


Who is this tool for?

For any leader of a team of up to 10 people that wants to stop “trying” but wants to efficiently improve the way they lead. The tool works for leaders regardless of the level, industry, team size, company size etc. It is suited for you as a leader if you experience challenges with your team or if you just know you can always be even better.

If you still have doubts if the tool is the right choice for you, please contact us and we will be happy to work through your second thoughts.

How do I know if the Thriving Team Catalyst is the right tool for me and my team?

Given the information you receive as a leader you cannot go wrong with using the Thriving Team Catalyst. It can only bring you additional insight and maximize your team’s performance.

What results can I expect from using the Thriving Team Catalyst?

With small guided changes of your leadership behavior, your team will become more engaged which leads to multiple business benefits. Teams that are in the top quartile of engagement tend to outperform those in the bottom quartile with 10% higher customer engagement, 81% lower absenteeism, 23% higher profitability, up to 18% higher productivity, 41% less quality issues and 66% better wellbeing. More about these results here.

How much time will my team and I have to invest in this assessment?

For the team members it will take around 5 minutes to complete the questionnaire so it can be easily carried out during the working hours without interruptions to the working process.

You will have to dedicate a few hours – but not all at once. The program can be adjusted to your time schedule, and you will be able to work at your own pace.

More specifically, after you order, you will first invest about 10 minutes to answer a few questions which will help us personalize the experience for you and your team.

Then you will need about 15 minutes to personalize and send out a pre-prepared invite email with the link to the questionnaire to the team.

After we get the results, you will need about 15 minutes to read the report and prepare for the individual video call session with one of our experts. The session will then take another 60 minutes. Then you implement tweaks inside your existing workflow. There is also a state of team conversation that you are advised to do with your whole team, and it will take an hour of your time.

Given the benefits, we are certain that Thriving Team Catalyst is the most efficient way to upgrade your leadership. Even if you see only 5% productivity improvement, that feels like everyone in your team getting 2 hours of their time “back” – every single week. You are getting return on the time investment back in the first month, guaranteed.

What happens if the outcome from an actionable plan is not successful?

Not all interventions are successful, which is why we offer email support and will help you fine-tune your approach until you see results. Additionally, should you wish, we can offer additional coaching sessions for you or a program for your team to help you further improve your team and leadership. Contact us.

What guarantees results from using the Thriving Team Catalyst?

Our concept is bulletproof as it has been successfully used by thousands of leaders. It is also built on a science-backed methodology that has been used by leaders worldwide for decades.

Additionally, you receive continuous email support by our professionals after completing the program. You can also opt for further in-person coaching support if you want to continue improving.

Why is there a limit of 10 team members?

The Thriving Team Catalyst is designed primarily to be used by a manager of a team and in our work with clients we rarely find a team of more than 10 people under one manager. If you want to use the Thriving Team Catalyst for a larger team or even for a whole company (which many organizations have done with great success) contact us at and we’ll make you a special deal.

Why should I choose Thriving Team Catalyst over other similar diagnostic or coaching options?

Two reasons. First: Quality of insights. It’s the only big employee engagement instrument that is directly tied to business results, and that is tailored for leaders and immediate action. Second: Made to fit. Based on your context and your team engagement results, you get personalized recommendations, which are crafted by our experts (who have done this with thousands of teams) considering your industry and your goals or vision for the team. Our experts also help you craft your own unique action plan of small changes you can make immediately to see results.

Will following this action plan make my team more profitable?

One of the main goals of the Thriving Team Catalyst tool is to improve your team’s engagement which results in better productivity and higher profitability. In fact, teams with high engagement are 23% more profitable and 18% more productive than those with low engagement, according to research done by Gallup.

Will this help my team members become more accountable and more self-initiative?

It will, if you follow the insights and improve leadership to get your team into the top quartile as per Gallup Q12 benchmark score. can. One of the core benefits of higher engagement on a team is that there is more accountability and drive to deliver results and become more innovative. Highly engaged people bring more of themselves to work – they bring ideas and drive to achieve, and not just 8 hours of their time and then call it a day.

How can Thriverse understand our current workflow and team context just based on a questionnaire?

It is not just an engagement questionnaire. It uncovers to what extent your team members get what they need (from you) to be highly engaged. Moreover, at start, you will provide us with some more info about the team, like your goal and vision, the industry you are in, and your challenges. That is enough for us to create and give you highly personalized and actionable recommendations that bring fast results.

What happens if my team is not open to changes?

Some teams are more open to change than others, this is completely normal. The good thing is that, according to Gallup, you as the leaders are accountable for 70% of your team’s engagement. Therefore, most of the changes and actions are going to be on you to implement into how you work with the team. How they work then changes naturally because of your influence.

How will I communicate the questionnaire, my team might see it as irrelevant.

You will be guided throughout the process. The package you receive includes templates and guidelines for communicating the questionnaire to the team and ensuring they see it as beneficial and that they are honest with their answers. The report with insights and action plan you receive includes communication guideline and full conversation structure for presenting the state of team findings to the team.

Will this help lower turnover in my team?

Lowering turnover is a common consequence of implementing the changes to your leadership style. In fact, teams with high engagement have up to 43% lower turnover than those with low engagement, according to research done by Gallup.

Is the data collected by the service confidential?

Absolutely. We maintain strict confidentiality and adhere to all relevant data protection and privacy regulations. We are also ISO 27001 compliant, so your team’s data is safe.

What is the refund policy if I am not satisfied with the result?

If you are not satisfied with the results of this program within a month after completing the assessment, you will receive a full refund.

After completing the Thriving Team Catalyst
you can expect

  • Real impact and results in as quick as 3 weeks from today.
  • The vibe and the engagement visibly improve after having the state of team conversation, too.
  • Time-efficient and effective action plan, based on a proven method used by Top 5% leaders worldwide. This is not just trying; it’s making your next level happen.
  • A comprehensive insight into what people need and precise analysis of what you need to focus on improving in your leadership to improve engagement, performance, and quality of work.
  • Personalized action plan with coaching support to successfully adapt your leadership style.
  • Higher levels of trust and self-initiative as well as increased accountability within the team.
  • Increased profitability and improved well-being in the team.

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