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Success casesExplore journeys of organizations and teams that chose thriving and achieved ambitious goals.

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Success casesIzjemna ekipa
marec 21, 2023

Thriving Team & Thriving Results at Vzajemna Insurance

Thriving team at its best! See how new team dynamics improved performance by rebuilding a healthy workplace culture, focusing on relational wellbeing, trust, psychological safety & strengths.
Q12 Employee EngagementSuccess casesIzjemna organizacija
marec 13, 2023

9x Employee engagement at Elektro Gorenjska

Perseverance in people-first focus, leadership and culture evolution, pays off big time.
Success casesIzjemni vodjaIzjemna organizacijaIzjemna ekipa
marec 10, 2023

+50% in Sales and Next Level Team Dynamics at Tenzor

What steps did Tenzor take to break out of the old ways, increase clarity and speed, and ensure future success?
Success casesIzjemna organizacija
marec 10, 2023

Building people-first culture at Triglav Group Insurance

Unleashing strengths, collaboration, and thriving mindset at 5400 people company, across 7 countries, led to 35% increase in employee engagement and world-class Net Promoter Score.
Success casesIzjemni vodjaIzjemna organizacija
marec 9, 2023

+50% in Sales & Leadership Excellence at EKWB

This world-class IT-HW designer and manufacturer accelerated their growth, boosted alignment, and got into Top 8% in the world by employee engagement, through our Thriving Organization program.
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