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+50% in Sales and Next Level Team Dynamics at Tenzor


STA Travel Ljubljana is a travel agency that helps people realize their travel dreams. They are committed to customer experience which led to increased demand, leading to quick team growth. New people and the inability to lead effectively brought in challenges such as people not taking responsibility for their work, unclear priorities, and low revenues from new product categories.

What we did

The Thriving Team program was created for the entire organization. It included:


The execution of employee engagement provided important insight for the team leaders. They received a clear picture of how people feel and how well they are doing their job. All further team coaching sessions were focused on the needs of the team and strengthening their talents.


Each team leader underwent individual coaching on how to understand and communicate the results of the employee engagement survey and define their ongoing role within their teams. We supported the shift in the leadership mindset and skill set, prioritizing talents, and the importance of meaningful team and individual conversations.


The combination of team coaching sessions and personalized follow-up activities allowed all the members to internalize new habits and leadership approaches. It promoted a mindset of growth and boosted teamwork among the team members. It resulted in higher trust levels, better collaboration, and workflow.


Understanding each other’s talents and perspectives contributed to better work distribution and appreciation of each other as a part of the team.


Exciting and intentional journey led to:

This led to


increase in revenue


jump in sales of new services

TOP 20

of the most engaged companies in the world

A huge change comes from truly understanding your employees. A complete transformation follows when employees start to understand their leaders as well.

Anuška BeltramCEO STA Travel Ljubljana

“We communicated, we found new ideas. We started to view each other differently. We found ways to use each other’s talents better. Mostly I was surprised by the fact that we actually saw results in our performance. In 6 months after the program the employee engagement in the company saw a significant boost – from the bottom third, we’ve progressed into the top 20% of the most engaged companies in the world. Even more important, we saw significant, 20% jump in sales of existing and 10% jump in sales of new services. I recommend this program to any team, any industry, to a company of any size. “

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