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Empowering STA Travel: 20% Sales Increase


STA Travel Ljubljana, renowned for their adventurous journeys and value-added advice, faced significant challenges during their growth phase. They struggled to stand out in a crowded travel market. The main challenges included unclear priorities, difficulties in launching and monetizing new product lines, and managing mixed customer experiences.

What we did

We engaged all 30 employees in a set of interventions that included:


We started with an in-depth employee engagement analysis using the Gallup Q12. This provided a comprehensive view of team morale, engagement levels, and areas for improvement. You can’t become a winning team if you operate as bottom 30% of teams do. This analytics-driven approach laid the groundwork for tailored interventions, ensuring they were based on solid, actionable data.


With the insights from the Q12 survey, focus shifted to gaining buy-in from the leadership team. This phase involved aligning the leaders around a unified vision and strategy both for their goals and for the process of change. Emphasis was placed on understanding the importance of leadership roles in driving change and enhancing team dynamics.


All team leaders underwent series of individual coaching sessions that evolved their leadership mindsets and behaviors. The goal was to grow new (leadership) identity that was employee engagement focused, strengths based and goal driven.


The combination of team coaching sessions and personalized follow-up activities allowed all the members to internalize new habits and leadership approaches. It promoted a mindset of growth and boosted teamwork among the team members. It resulted in higher trust levels, better collaboration, and workflow.


Understanding each other’s talents and perspectives contributed to better work distribution and appreciation of each other as a part of the team.


The Strategic + Simple = Effective journey with Thriverse catalyzed remarkable outcomes for STA.

Feel the impact:


increase in revenue


jump in new services sales


world’s most engaged companies

Profound transformation ignites when organization embraces syncing of strengths, needs, and unique capabilities of every employee. It is the silver bullet which irreversibly takes performance to the next level.

Anuška BeltramCEO STA Travel Ljubljana

“I was surprised that in just 6 months - not just the office vibe but also - performance went through the roof. We stayed consistent in better customer experience. And, didin't just keep ideating but started seeing revenue from new services and products. I recommend this program to any team, any industry, to a company of any size.“

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