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Boost in Quality of Service & Engagement at MERCATOR


Mercator’s IT department of 80 members grappled with slow response times and poor communication, causing department-wide bottlenecks and tension. Over 300 backlogged requests either piled up or went unnoticed, hampering overall organizational efficiency. Departments’ service quality declined, strategic projects got stuck, conflicts inside and outside teams surged, and even with job openings, attracting new talent became challenging.

What we did

Thriverse designed and delivered comprehensive strengths-based “Thriving Organization” program that took IT department (7 leaders, 5 teams, 80 people & 5 internal coaches) through a steep evolution.

Some of the most important elements of the journey were:


All team leaders underwent coaching sessions to hone their leadership using  strengths-based, engagement-centric approach. This emphasis on leveraging team and individual strengths, and having regular meaningful conversations, boosted engagement, accountability, agility, and a sense of purpose.


All five teams of IT department engaged in team dynamics developmental journey. It improved individual contribution, fostered better collaboration and sense of team belonging, improved efficiency of meetings, and spiked ability to proactively solve ongoing issues.


Recognizing individual talents over shortcomings highlighted unique strengths, which led to optimized work delegation, recognition, team and department cohesion.


We set-up academy for HR’s internal coaches, emphasizing the CliftonStrengths methodology for consistent team and individual coaching.


Result of our interventions was evolved mindset throughout the department, and new team dynamics built on “Top 5% team habits”. Collaboration, agility, and co-dependence became strong new pillars of IT department’s identity.

This led to


of backlog being cleared and maintained


significant increase in employee engagement


increase in Quality of Service

When recognized for their strengths instead of weaknesses, individuals flourish at work. This shift changed both the IT department's internal dynamics and the organization's perception of them.

Nataša LukančičHead of HR, Mercator

"Thriverse helped us radically evolve employee experience in IT department. It brought enthusiasm, collaboration, accountability, psychological safety - all creating a responsive, agile team with top-level Quality of Service."

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