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Attaining 100% of KPI through organizational culture transformation


Three telecom companies from Slovenia and Serbia (Si.Mobil, Amis and Vip Mobile) decided to join forces as a single entity under the ownership of A1 Telekom Austria Group. While the merger made sense from the market perspective (combining services), its implementation posed some challenges. The convergence of different cultures, combined with clashes in technologies and mindsets, led to low trust, high levels of fear, unhealthy competition, and frequent conflicts—a sharp contrast to Telekom Austria Group’s values. Additionally, the company’s emphasis on customer focus did not translate into actual business results, as seen in metrics like Net Promoter Score and customer churn.

What we did

Thriverse led a significant transformation in the company’s culture. It included:


A highly personalized coaching program included thousands of individual sessions that changed the way managers and leaders create a positive atmosphere that inspires people, builds trust, and fosters psychological safety all while upholding accountability. These sessions aimed to evolve their leadership mindset and routines, enabling them to concentrate on their teams’ strengths, develop performance, enhance employee engagement, provide recognition, and most important, promote organizational values in their meaningful everyday conversations.


Teams participated in a series of five coaching sessions, resulting in improved alignment, higher focus, speed, and conflict resolution. These sessions also played a pivotal role in nurturing a culture of recognition, teamwork, and productivity. Furthermore, our guidance directed teams in establishing new routines that not only promoted a sense of belonging and clarity but also facilitated smooth collaboration both within and outside their teams.


to see how their talents can be used to be more productive, less stressed, more engaged in the process, and feel a contribution. That brought a major understanding and meaning of WHAT they bring to teams or the company.


Designed and implemented train-the-coach and coach-the-coach program for 14 internal coaches, who now act as constant drivers of cultural change


A unified synergy of 2000+ individuals, aligned with organizational values and guided by the principles of Team Trust Agility.

This led to


of employee retention. Best employer in 2017 and 2018.


increased market share


decrease in customer complaint resolution time

Teams are built on trust by focusing on each other's strengths and contributions to the common goals. This understanding eased entire communication, fostering a positive atmosphere. Comprehension of motives enhanced collaborative mindset. "How can I help you" became the mantra within and across units.

Natali Delićex-CIO/CTO A1 Srbija

"Before the Thriverse program, nearly every project was completed late, over budget, and below quality expectations. However, during the program, we began to achieve a 100% success rate. This was a result of starting to truly see one another, focusing weekly on delivering key contributions, and learning to pause and either discuss and align sooner or contemplate how to best approach current priority tasks using our talents."

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