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+50% in Sales and Next Level Team Dynamics at Tenzor


Tenzor is a second-generation family-owned business operating in six countries, providing high-tech security, automation, and hospitality management systems. They realized that their own practices were hindering client satisfaction and profitability.

“Too many things get stuck because we are not aligned, and because we keep repeating our own mistakes.” 

They knew they needed to break out of their old ways and grow beyond their current limitations. With this challenge statement in mind, Tenzor embarked on a journey of transformation to go to the next level.

What we did

In 6 months, we ran Thriving Organization program throughout the company. It included:


We established clarity around the company’s vision, strategic and performance goals, and the behaviors and dynamics necessary to achieve them.


We ran our award-winning team coaching program, consisting of five sessions, which improved alignment, productivity, focus, speed, reduced conflict, fostered recognition culture, and encouraged continuous growth within and between teams.


Everyone in the company has and will have received their strengths profile and debrief session with either a coach or their manager.


We evolved the leadership mindset and repertoire with a focus on strengths, coaching-style, and meaningful conversations, resulting in greater ownership, engagement, reduced frustrations, and alignment with the First Time Right norms.


Exciting and intentional journey led to:

This led to


increase in revenue


significantly higher alignment, leading to First Time Right org-wide operations


number of smiles and fun during the program

Thriverse Thriving Organization Award

We’re proud to have awarded Tenzor with the Thriverse Thriving Organization Award. This recognition is a testament to the impressive behavioral changes and performance boost that occurred over a six-month period, supported by new cultural norms and backed by strong team routines, leadership conversations, and HR processes.

Miha SenčarChief Business Officer

"The Thriverse program helped us realize our vision of 'First Time Right' business by unlocking the best in individuals, building trust, accountability, and collaboration within and between teams.

These changes immediately paid off, resulting in a 50% growth for us.

What's even better, we've established new routines that allow us to operate at this higher level and continuously improve, keeping us on track to achieve even greater success."

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