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+50% in sales and leadership
excellence at EKWB


EKWB rose to the top as a leader in high performance liquid cooling. By 2020, they faced challenges from rapid growth such as inexperienced leaders, unclear hierarchy, and friction among teams leading to decreased progress, innovation, and employee engagement. EKWB’s management took action by prioritizing a people-first culture with strong leadership and teamwork to overcome these challenges.

What we did

We designed a bespoke Thriving Organization program, that included:

LEADERSHIP development:

A 8-month developmental journey of group and individual coaching sessions for 20+ leaders and managers to support them in discovering and fine-tuning their own personal and effective leadership style, and putting it into practice through their everyday interactions with employees.


CliftonStrengths profiling of all employees, coupled with team sessions that helped unleash the potential of individuals and teams. These built self-awareness and created the groundwork for everybody to thrive, and equipped them with the tools and processes needed to quickly and effectively resolve challenges and differences in how they approach things.


Co-creation of individual habits and team rituals that sustain the people-first, strengths-based mindset.


Building a group of internal coaches that intentionally sustain and advance collaborative and strengths-based culture, and grow leaders and individuals in their roles, continuously, even when we are gone.

HR PROCESSES evolution.

We upgraded and evolved Onboarding, Individual Development Conversations and Plans, Leadership Standards, and established People Developmental Support (Internal coaches) and Culture Ambassadors.


The program touched everyone at EKWB and evolved the employee experience entirely. That led to psychologically safe and collaborative atmosphere where each person could reach their full potential.

This led to


surge in employee engagement, putting EKWB in the top 8% globally [92th percentile according to Gallup]


 increase in sales


boost in people intake

The agility and resilience developed through a strengths-based mindset of individuals and leaders allowed EKWB to

rapidly expand into new markets, launch innovative products, and get awarded the Fastest Growing Company of 2021 and the Exporter of the Year in Slovenia.

Edvard KönigEKWB Founder

If you want different results and vibe, this is it. We now grow 50% annually, and are now entering a 100x market with new products, all because of how we focus on thriving at EKWB.

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