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Transforming organizational culture at Triglav group insurance


In 2019, Triglav Group embarked on a mission to become a modern, innovative and client-focused insurance and financial group, firmly remaining the leader in Slovenia and becoming one in the South East European region. The vision meant a significant shift in goals oriented towards clients. However, their strong perfectionist, conventional, approving, and opposing behaviors were not conducive to achieving their goals of simplifying products and increasing customer satisfaction. A profound change was needed in how employees respond, behave, collaborate and learn, in how leaders lead, and in how teams work together.  For that, new culture values: responsiveness, simplicity and reliability were crafted – and needed to be adopted throughout the organization of 5400 people spanning 7 countries. 

What we did

In 3.5 years, Thriverse drove a massive culture shift. We designed and implemented:


2-year hyperpersonalized journey with thousands of individual coaching sessions for 700 leaders and managers in 7 countries to evolve their leadership mindset and routines.  So they focused on people strengths, performance development, employee engagement, recognition, coaching-style leadership, building resilience, accountability, and organizational values through their meaningful everyday conversations.


We took over 300 teams through a 4-month behavioral evolution, where we built team rituals that consistently drive belonging, personal productivity, teamwork, alignment, cross-team collaboration, recognition culture and growth.


in how people see themselves, each other, and how leaders lead, to unleash hidden potential of individuals and teams.


Designed and implemented train-the-coach and coach-the-coach journey for 60+ internal coaches, who now act as ongoing agents of culture change.


Implemented coaching as regular performance and behavioral development activity. Evolved the People Onboarding process.


Supported the change initiative and helped HR, PR and the Board craft the open and transparent communication to ensure alignment, buy-in and reinforcement of the culture change.


Building teams and leaders through coaching, strengths and teamwork immediately boosted performance.

This led to


rise in constructive and supportive behaviors (as measured by OCI®).


increase in employee engagement (getting to the all-time high result)


increase in Net Promoter Score from 55 to 74

We also had a massive impact in the leadership and behavioral norms, and created a proactive, strengths-based, modern future-ready people-first workplace

Mateja GeržinaExecutive HR Director

“The organizational culture transformation with Thriverse was our biggest HR project, and the first that brought measurable behavioral and business effects. Our desired constructive behaviors, such as self-initiative and teamwork, saw a significant 17% increase. Our actively engaged employees grew by 13%, and the share of actively disengaged employees decreased by 30%. Next, adherence to our core values of responsiveness, reliability, and simplicity has improved tremendously. This led to a remarkable 55% increase in our Net Promoter Score, and a transformed workplace culture that we're incredibly proud of.”

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